Siril and Telescope.Live Launch New Tutorial Series

By FreeAstro team

We are excited to share that Telescope Live, the online platform dedicated to astrophotography and remote imaging, has created a new video tutorial series for Siril, available for free for anyone. The 6 videos, totaling 39 minutes, are specially targeted at beginners. They cover many operations required to transform a raw dataset into a beautifully processed image.

Telescope Live operates very high quality telescopes under the best skies of both hemispheres and provides a huge number of pictures in their archive, yet at an affordable price. They spent time learning to use Siril, creating scripts, and producing the video tutorials, making them available for free. The fact that this tutorial series is free and available to anyone is because they share the same mission with us: making astrophotography accessible to everyone.

By choosing Siril for this task, it also reassures us in our view of Siril as a great tool for beginners, as well as more experienced astrophotographers, for those who want results quickly or in an automated way.

We warmly thank them.

Click here to view the tutorials

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As a reminder, you’ll find our in-depth, text and images, tutorials on our website .