Sirilic and Sirilot: Two very useful utilities for Siril


(Siril Image Converter) is a software for preparing acquisition files (raw, Offset, Flat and Dark) for processing with SiriL software.

It does three things:

  • Structuring the SiriL working directory into sub-folders
  • Convert Raw, Offset, Dark or Flat files into SiriL sequence
  • Automatically generate the SiriL script according to the files present and the options


The Sirilic version V0.36 provides an additional tool: Sirilot

It’s the contraction of “SiriL + Lot”. SiriLot is a siril extension that allows you to batch process multiple channel and sessions. Indeed, Sirilic is adapted to process only 1 layer but as soon as you wanted to process the 4 layers LRGB, you had to do 4 times the operation “Copy + script generation”. The author still wanted to keep Sirilic: so he created a second tool with a more batch-oriented graphical interface:


More information here: