Starts SIRIL pre-processing from KSTARS / INDI / EKOS

You may want to use Siril scripts to automatically pre-process your images at the end of the nightly sequence with KSTARS / INDI / EKOS. Or, you also may want to download the pre-processed, registered and stacked file and not all the RAW files in the case of a remote control observatory ?

Below is described the detailed procedure that was established after an exchange with Jasem, the main developer of EKOS :


  1. Adapt the processing script for SIRIL according to your configuration (EKOS saving directory and file settings) use the -flip option of the pre-process command in case you use KSTARS FITS (see the available commands here)

  2. Create a bash script

    # Version 1.0
    # Trigger Siril processing
    siril -s ~ /.siril/scripts/DSLR_preprocessing.ssf -d ~ /Images/siril/Bulle/Script

    Where ~/.siril/scripts/ is the path, DSLR_preprocessing.ssf the script name and /Images/siril/Bulle/Script the working directory where the images are stored.

    • Save this script by naming it for example
    • Make it executable $ chmod +x
    • Then, in Ekos, use the Sheduler (cf. screenshot)
    • Select your script as in the screenshot above
    • The script will be executed after the scheduled shooting