What’s new in Siril 0.9.9

This release contains some new features as well as some bug fixes:

  • Major update of the command line, with completion and documentation in the GUI, enhanced scripting capability by running commands from a file and also allowing it to be run with no X11 server running with the -s command line option
  • Added commands to stack and register a sequence
  • Image statistics, including auto-stretch parameters and stacking normalization, are now cached in the seq file for better performance
  • Global star registration now runs in parallel
  • Workflow improvement by adding demosaicing as last part of the preprocessing
  • Added a filtering method for stacking based on star roundness
  • Added an option to normalize stacked images to 16-bit with average rejection algorithm
  • All GUI save functions are now done in another thread
  • Improved histogram transformation GUI
  • Improved support of various FITS pixel formats
  • Preserve known FITS keywords in the stacked image by average method
  • Added native open and save dialogues for Windows users
  • Various Windows bug fixes in SER handling
  • Fixed wrong handling of scale variations in Drizzle case
  • Fixed 8-bit images auto-stretch display
  • Fixed BMP support
  • Fixed issues in PNG and TIFF 8-bit export
  • Fixed the “About” OS X menu